Microgreen Aloo Sabzi

Aloo ki sabzi though immensely tasty, the ultimate comfort food is not considered very nutritious due to the fact that it is high in calories and low in many nutrients. I loved eating aloo sabzi when growing up (which I am sure you can tell). But today mothers who serve their kids a lot of aloo are frowned upon. If you are seen giving your child an aloo puri or french fries other 'we know it all' mothers look at you with disbelief.
I wanted Zayb to enjoy her aloo once in a while.... and I want to be able to serve it to her wihout feeling any guilt...without feeling like a bad mother who has bad eating habits..(yes the 'we know it all' mothers can make me feel like that at times). Sooo I make this yummy, nutritious aloo sabzi for her and all in the family with my home grown microgreens.
I plant cuin, coriander, mustard and fenugreek in small glass bowls and leave them on my kitchen window sil. Zayb and I water the greens each day. She enjoys watching them sprout and grow taller with each passing day. Then when they are grown enough I harvest them, wash them well and add them to my humble, simple yet delicious potato sabzi.
For the sabzi I take some oil, add mustard seed, cumin seds, 1 tspn udad dal, curry leaved, green chillies and potatoes. I add some salt and let the potatoes cook on low heat with a lid. Water can be added a few drops at a time to help the potatoes cook. When the potatoes are nearly done I add my microgreens, cover and let it simmer for a few minutes.
Yummy healthy potato sabzi is ready. chomp chomp chomp.....



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