Freezer Organising: Ramzan Ready Freezer

Today I'm sharing my Freezer system for Ramzan. Even though Ramzan is a few months away I need to have a plan in place much before time. This is a function of my OCD, fact that I am a full time working mum and this year because  Ramzan starts just around my delivery date. 

During Ramzan I am unable to make all items for Iftar from scratch. I usually make a few items in advance and freeze them and continue doing this on all weekends during Ramzan. I even make a huge batch of custard and freeze it so that I don't have to worry about it cooling down if I come from office just an hour before Iftar. 

A few of the items that I keep ready are samosas, keema patties, aloo tikis, chicken kebabs, Russian kebabs. I prep all these items such that they only need frying of baking. Though this is very convenient when you have just one hour to prepare an entire iftari spread, it's pretty important to store the items well. First you spread them on a tray and freeze them so they don't stick. Then stack them up in boxes with clean hands and freeze. 

Though I used color coded baskets all round the year, Ramzan demands that I store my Iftar snacks in containers rather than zip lock bags that get stored in my baskets.

At the moment I have just stored the boxes with whatever items we had in the freezer  just to get a sense of capacity. Just before Ramzan when I start preparing stuff I plan to store chicken items as well as raw chicken in Orange, Veg in Yellow, mutton in Red, Fish in Blue and Masalas in Green. I also have stackable steel containers for desserts and dry fruits as they wash better than plastic and there is is residual smell left behind which I find very necessary with deserts.  

The freezer door caries all my masalas that are either store bought and home ground. Again the spiciest ones will go in the red containers, the lesser spicy ones in coral, the lightest ones in Orange and the milk masalas or desert seasonings in Yellow. 

This Systems makes retrieving, storing and cooking so much easier. You have to use it to believe it. Also it just looks so pretty and pleasing to the idea. I can't wait to start preparing my Ramzan Menu now.

PS: Earlier I was using the basket system which was posted here



  1. Hi Zeffirra!
    Lovely and very useful post.
    Can you please share brand of your containers. I have struggled really long to find identical looking, good quality airtight plastic containers. Thank you for the help

  2. Hey Nupur, some are Tupperware and some are from the mall. There is no branding on them. I just kept collecting square boxes in sets in different colors.


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