Homemade Granola Bars

My hubs has no fixed meal schedule, which is something that really worries me. I make his lunch in the morning which he eats between 1-2pm. Then he doesn't eat anything till he gets back home at 10.30pm. I have tried to make snack box for him. But he is like a teenager who gets embarrassed to carry a tiffin.

He doesn't mind carrying a protein/granola bar which are very expensive when bought from the store. So I decided to make them at home with healthier ingredients and no preservative and chemicals.

Here is the recipe!

1 tbl spn butter
100 grams chopped almonds
100 grams melon seeds
100 grams flax seeds
100 grams dates
100 grams desiccated coconut
some jaggery for binding

Take the butter in a pan and saute all ingredients (except jaggery) for about a minute. Then add the jaggry and turn off the flame. The jaggery will melt in the hot pan. Spoon the mixture on a foil paper and roll tightly. 

Set it aside to cool the refrigerate.

Voila the granola bars are ready.


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