Bedroom Refurbish

Our bedroom used to be pristine white. The room was always bright and there was always a lot of energy flow. (See in links below)

Though the rest of my house is white and I love the color White on walls as re staging a room with white walls is barely any effort, I felt the need to change the color in the bedroom.

Sameer was having very restless nights and would wake up early in the mornings. He was getting barely any sleep for no apparent reason. I started to read about bedroom colors and sleep pattern and realised that white in the bedroom could lead to reduced hours of sleep.

Blue and Grey on the other hand were associated with longer sleep hours and hence I decided to repaint one of the walls a charcoal blue.

I accented the room with a tripod lamp a tribal carpet from Rugberry, Bronze cushions and cow hide pouffy and cow hide frame.

I love the end result. Do let me know what you think.


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