Storage and Organizing CheatSheet

Organizing can sometimes be tremendously frustrating and tiresome task even for someone like me who looovveeeessss to organize. In my mind this could be due to the following reasons
  1. Insufficient space
  2. Clutter
  3. Things just go back to being what they were (cant get away with this if you are a working mom with a little monster)
  4. Having to reshuffle between storages when you realize that the plan you originally had doesn't work anymore.
I have am dealing with all of the above issues. I organize a space and it goes back to what it was, primarily because my little monster has access to the spaces. Also, I have so much of everything,  I move some stuff to a drawer but all of it doesn't fit and then I have to take it back to where it was abandoning my organizing project midway. Finally I live in an one bedroom apartment with limited space and storage and hence I am always struggling with space and storage. As you can see there isn't much I can do with any of the above issues other than organize better and smarter. ( I cant make Zayb stop finding all my stuff interesting and fidget worth, I cant get a larger house immediately and I cant give away all my precious belongings all at once). Hence I decided to make a clear plan of what and how I want to reorganize my entire house. I have realized that piecemeal solutions don't help beyond a point. You need to do it step by step but at the same time all your organizing has to tie in together or else it isn't as effective.
So I developed this table which lists down all my storages, what they currently hold and what is my proposed plan for them. This table though WIP (work in progress) has helped me maintain focus and keeps me motivated to complete re organizing of the entire house.
Hope you find this useful.


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