Organizing Luggage Locks and Keys

I find it extremely stressful to keep trying tens of keys on the luggage locks before you find the right one. And this exercise is usually done just before we leave for the airport which adds to the stress a million folds.

Today while I was cleaning my drawers I saw the luggage locks and the memories of my last travel packing came rushing back. It was then that I decided to tackle this issue with full organizing enthusiasm.

I was planning to make a cheat sheet with the picture of the lock and the key numbers. I even started to click pictures of the locks. Then a simple, far more sane ideas hit me. Color Coding, my favourite organizing tool. I used some old nail polish to color code the keys and locks and I bet I'll not have to struggle with finding the right key again.

Organizing lesson leaned: keep it simple


  1. Hi Zeffirra, how do you manage the various wires we have to deal with everyday - phone chargers, headphones, laptop chargers.. In my case they tend to get jumbled up no matter how well I put them in my bag or drawers.


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