Butterfly Flutterby

Happy Friday everyone,

I am sure Fridays are happy days for most.  I look forward to Fridays as it means that  time has come  for me to spend a lot more time with my little angel. Before I had Zayb I looked forward to Fridays for a different reason ‘relaxation’. But now that is just a word that exists only in the dictionary for me. Anyways, there is another reason because of which I look forward to Fridays, ‘casual dressing’.

I feel nice and chirpy in this long back butterfly shirt. It’s just my style; loose, comfy, pretty. I paired them with my cream Calvin Klein pants and shoes I got from Shoppers Stop.

Wearing 3 different neckpieces. It may seem a lot to most people but I like it. Like I mentioned in my earlier post ‘Jewelry takes peoples eyes off your wrinkles’



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