Styling a velvet jacket and trouser set and how I fell in love with the velvet jacket.

I must admit that I’ve always been a closeted velvet lover. But I could never come out due to fear of judgement. Velvet just wasn’t socially acceptable before 2017.

Velvet arrived on the fashion scene on late 2016. From boots to bags to jackets to shirts to trousers. They were all being made in this exquisite fabric. And it wasn’t just left to outfits for the evening. Even day wear and casuals were being designed in velvet. You could see plain, printed, crushed and even jacquard velvet pieces in all major high street brands from Zara to Veromoda to Mango to Promod.

I kept feeling drawn to the velvet trend but at the back of my mind I has this memory of my brother teasing me to tears about a hideous velvet dress I had as a child. That memory still brings back a lot of self-doubt in me. I can see my self with a tummy as round and large as a basket ball, (yes, I was a fat child) wearing a tent like purple velvet dress with white lace trims (don’t judge me! I had no say in my wardrobe back then guys!). It wasn’t a very flattering dress but still the comments and jibes were beyond mean.

Coming back to the present, I few months ago I was shopping with a few friends at the mall and we came across this deep maroon velvet trouser that I immediately fell in love with. One of the two friends I was with seconded how lovely it looked which reassured me that velvet is not a social outcast any more. Its not just for the runway and there are people like me who like it. So I picked up the trouser and while I was walking towards the payment counter my eyes fell on the jacket in the same colour and fabric. And I immediately wanted to buy that too. My friends said that now this is taking it too far. The one who had approved my trouser purchase also looked like she was crinkling her nose as I picked up the jacket. But by now it was love at first sight for me. And just as it is with teenage love, what the world says just doesn’t matter. So I marched ahead and picked up the set anyway.

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But as I was leaving the store memories of my brother passing meaner than mean comments came rushing to me. So I was having a clandestine affair with my new jacket and trouser set. I would try it out multiple times a week in the comfort and confines of my room. Smile at how lovely I felt I looked but feared to walk out of my room wearing it.

Just around the time I was planning to wear my outfit, Ranvir Singh makes an appearance wearing this appalling and outrageous outfit. And my immediate reaction was ‘fitte muh’now people are going to call me Lady Ranvir. Even I had started doubting my outfit by now. I feared ill look Ranvir-esque.

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However in a few months I managed to overcome my fears with the help of a few trusted friends who reassured me that this was a great outfit and so here I can be seen pairing it with a velvet sling with embroidered stork from Zara and nude shoes from Westside, and a rose gold watch from Micheal Kors. I didn't accessorize it much as i feared looking OTT and I am glad I made the right decision

I was in love with the look. What about you?

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  1. loved your style looking stunning :)

  2. The look is really cool and looks great on you. #zarahatkeblogreads #OpenNTalk #CrossBorderSisters

  3. Love your jacket and trouser set eapeespeci the colour. The velvet sling with embroidered stroke looks pretty too. Overall a great look.

  4. are looking gorgeous. Velvet is something that reflects grace and elegance at the same time. You have done justice with this outfit. Ranveer is my all time fav too.
    #OpeNTalk #BloggerBabes

  5. Zefffirra! Hope I spelled it right. Hi that was such a wonderful article. I guess anyone who can carry themselves in velvet would never look OTT. You look splendid. And yes each one has his or her own persona while they wear an outfit. As long they are comfortable and there is no need to keep adjusting stuffs while you are outside it should be good for you.
    #NISSATalks Sudha

  6. OMG.. you look so amazing in this.. completely trendy too..
    its great that you picked up both the jacket and trousers.. i too am quite fond of velvet but haven't mustered up the courage to carry it off as yet

  7. Loved the look! Velvet is in vogue now and HOW!! Thank you for bringing this post to us. The pictures look lovely and the colour really suits you. Looking forward to reading more such posts from you. Keep writing!

  8. loved your blog and your style too.. :)


  9. That's quite daring, I must say. Wearing and carrying velvet is not everybody's cup of tea. But you seem to have pulled it off very well. You look amazing, Zeffirra.


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