Letter to the girls: I could be replaced by bono salted caramel ice cream

Maneesha aunty just came to my cabin to tell me how she was missing her mummy over the weekend. So she got a tub of bono salted caramel ice cream and ate half the tub by herself and felt better.
Note to self: I could be replaced by a tub of ice-cream someday…
Sometimes with our routine in between washing bum, feeding, dealing with tantrums and homework I may wish that a tub of ice-cream would take over my role. But I’m sure when these days are over and you guys are all grown up I’d dread bringing ice-cream home  from fear of it being a subordinated by ice-cream. Until then enjoy the ice-cream while I still bring home some.
PS: I wish and pray that you find avenues to comfort yourself when in need but pretend to still want me when you grow up.


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