Taash Theme Party

A few weekends ago I threw a Taash theme party for mum and kids. It was a fun party but we didn't end up playing much Taash. We played a game called DONKEY. Yes!

Through this party I attempt to break stereotype. In the 80's every Bollywood film would depict the vamp playing cards with friends at the dinner table screaming refreshment orders to the 'abla naari'. It was either Shashikala the mother in law clad in a nylon saree with a sleeveless blouse oppressing the seedhee saadhee bahu played by Jayaprada or some other actress or it would be Ranjita the bahu wearing a body tight nylon churidar (Nylon was the fabric of choice of the the vamp) oppressing the 'rotli Radha' saas.

Point being, vamps have been associated with playing cards. In fact anything women enjoy doing for themselves is kind of evil. How can they spend time doing anything other than looking after their families and homes.....it's unnatural!! 

Thankfully that's changing... gradually though... but the change is taking place. 

All the ladies at my party are good daughters, good mothers, good employees, someone is a teacher, someone runs her business, someone bakes, most are mothers and amazing ones at that and all enjoyed a game of cards. Any problem with that?













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