Zayb's 3rd Birthday with New Friends

This year on Zayb's birthday we had a craft party with kids from a street school in Mumbai. It was loads of fun for all the kids and I had a blast too.

Every year for the birthday we make it a point to share our joy with the less fortunate in some way or the other. On her 1st birthday we had invited kids from the orphanage home for lunch. On the 2nd we sent food over to the orphanage and on her 3rd we distributed donuts to kids and adults living on the streets of Mahim. 

On the 3rd birthday when we were distributing the donuts I noticed Zayb was dropping the donuts in the hands of the kids. She was scared of them though some were around her age. I think most of it was because so many of them came running in our direction at once that she was a little taken aback. But partly it was because she saw them as being different from her. Though I bought the same donuts as we would eat (Dunkin Donuts) because I wanted the kids to enjoys treats just like Zayb and her friends would at their party, the way we were dropping the donuts in their hands was making a right thought and emotion all wrong. It was as if we were not distributing treats but giving alms. 

That day I had decided that I wanted to do something different next year onwards. I wanted to teach Zayb that she was sharing her joy and blessings with other kids and not doing charity. These kids were less fortunate but not less smart or less creative. They are capable of the same or even better than she is. I wanted her to experience this because I wanted her to treat others like her equals irrespective of social status caste, religion, colour, attire etc. 

Hence the craft party this year. At the party Zayb was a little reluctant to join her new friends at the tarpaulin mat. Nor would she take out her slippers. Walking barefeet on dusty sidewalk was beyond her imagination. I tried to convince her but when she just wouldn't budge I took off my shoes and joined the kids at the mat. I sat crossed legged on the floor with the kids while she whined in the corner. In a couple of minutes she joined us, at first she sat on my lap but warmed up very soon. In a matter of a few minutes she was sitting by herself and crafting with the kids. To me this was a huge step towards clearly establishing the concept of equality in her subconscious mind. 

Today she recollects that day with fondness. We have visited the school even after the birthday and the kids and her are friends now. They remember each other by name and she looks forward to meeting them again.


For the party I collected some extra craft supplies and crayons that I bought for Zayb's friends to give away as favours. I also took along bubble sticks cause who doesn't like bubbles???


For the eatables we took chocolate cupcakes, hot chocolate, chips and candies..





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