Letter to Zayb: I'm beautiful because you love me!!!!

You know Zayb today to taught me something really special...something priceless....something I'll remember and cherish all my life and there after...

All our lives we have heard people say that the most unadulterated form of love is the love the mother feels for her child...but today you showed me that even a child is capable of such pure and unudulterated love. 

Today we went together to the parlour to get my hands manicured...something I do very rarely... After the manicure I chose a gold nail polish. The minute the polish was applied you saw a bright pink colour polish in the basket and asked me to apply that one... I jokingly told you I don't like pink .... You said 'Mama please you will look like Barbie'......I said 'Barbie will feel bad if you say that coz I'm not pretty like Barbie and I am Motu...To that you said ' no you are not Motu .. you are very pretty ....like a princess'. You told this to a mother who is size 12, has crows feet, barely ever visits the salon and is usually dressed in pyjamas.

You don't care that I have oil in my hair or if I've washed my hair today or not... My weight on the scale doesn't deter you from running into my arms when you come back from school and scream 'I love you Mama'. I'm beautiful coz you love me and not because I'm beautiful.

You don't know whether your mother is a domestic housekeeping staff or a successful entrepreneur. You don't care what I am able to or will be able to provide for your future... You simply love me because you love me and not because I have proven myself worthy of your love. Your love is pure, untouched by the  societal prejudice and judgement; and socially inflicted standards of beauty and success.

Now I feel petty and small compared to you when I think of how I get embarrassed by your broken English and your unruly hair...

Don't let the world take away the unconditional love you are cable of. Guard the beauty of your heart...the heart of a child. Don't ever let your heart grow up.



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