Organising Feeding Bottles

I love love these Tommy tippie feeding bottles. First of they are anti colic which means they reduce, if not eliminate instances of colic which is a huge huge relief. Soothing a collicy baby is by far the toughest thing I've ever done. Secondly they come in 6 pretty colours that enable me to colour code and organise the feeding. 

Last time with Zayb I had a major issue with bottles and feeding when Zayb started to take soups and juices. She wouldn't use a sippy. I used her feeding bottles to give her other liquid meals. As a result the bottles would be difficult to clean and would sometimes smell of the soup/juice ingredients leading to fussy baby. I tried to keep them separate but as a working mom one has limited control over such things. 

So this time I decided that it would be easier for Zaryaab's nanny to use the correct bottle for different types of feeds if I colour coded them. 

I use the 2 greens for soups (veggies are green... Easy to remember)

Purple and red for juices ( strawberry grapes are the cue)

Blues for milk (most Indian milk brands use a lot of blue in their branding)

These cues make it easy for my nanny to remember to use the right bottles. Happy Mama, happy baby, happy nanny. !!!!


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