Date Afternoon Outfit Post

So after 2 beautiful kids and about 8 years of being married Sameer and I have decided to go out on dates once a month. Just the 2 of's a bit stressful to leave the kids and we do feel guilty about leaving them behind but we have finally realised that some us time is much required and can be great.

I decided to put my best foot forward and dress up for our first date in years; and skip the regular jeans and oversized T (I usually don't put in much effort in my appearance when we are together).

I wore my baggy flared jeans (not baggy on me though) with a black tank and pale peach trapeze top (can be used as a nursing cape too). Accessorised with nude pumps, silver bronze robot purse, rose gold watch, gold and grey pearl necklace. Pics taken in natural light. No filters. 

My husband was very distracted while driving. He couldn't pay attention and missed bumping into other cars more than once. I was getting flattered but it turns out that it was a tissue on the dashboard that was catching his attention. Yes I'm not the only one with an OCD in the family. 


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