DIY Serving Trolley

I've been dreaming of a formal serving trolley for my dinner much so that I drool over it in my sleep....

However coz I live in a 500 sq ft apartment with my hubby and 2 kids I was sure I wouldn't have the space for it. But me being me I still wanted it. The ones that I likes were these classy gold ones which were around 20k.

However I wanted something that would dismantle as I wasn't sure if we had the space for it. I was doubting whether it would complement my dining area or too cluttered, I decided that a less expensive make shift option would be nice to try out whether we have the space for the trolley and if we will ever use it.

So I got this orange rack with wheels from #pepperfry that can be dismantled and put away on the loft when not I  use. I got this for ₹ 990...

I painted this rack a dull gold with spray paint that cost me approximately ₹190 from a local hardware store. And Voila here I have a small functional serving trolley that works very well for my tiny apartment. Plus I have the option to store it away easily when I'm not hosting.

Here I have laid out my Indian food serving set with enamel serve ware, brass glasses, gold spoons and decorated the trolley with jasmine flowers

I am very please as this project cost me a fraction of what I would have paid for a trolley otherwise. Plus it's pretty functional and pretty pretty.

Let me know what you think.


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