Fridge Organising with Label and Tupperware

The day I came back from the hospital after delivering our second daughter Zaryaab I opened the fridge and the sight I saw was giving me nightmares ever since. Just before the baby I wasn't doing much of my cooking and hence wasn't accessing my refrigerator. I had hired additional help for cooking and helping in the kitchen for Ramadan. Though I am very grateful for all the help, the state of my refrigerator was making me very anxious. Today as my iftar is being sent by my mum I was able to de clutter and reorganise my fridge.

I've used Tupperware which is great in terms of aesthetics and durability. However the very opaque characteristic of the containers make it difficult to retrieve items. Hence I decided to label them. Nothing fancy just hand written labels. The containers have a tongue like thing on the lid which is where I stuck the labels. Ideal containers if you wish to label.

I have my sauces, jams and achars segregated and kept in different baskets. As much as I'd like them on one shelf, all three baskets together would become really heavy and hence I've kept one in each shelf.

Then I have all my once in a while use items right at the back of the shelves and the stuff that I use often has been kept right in the front.

My herbs and ginger garlic paste are stored in glass jars on the top shelf. I have discovered that they stay fresh longest in these jars.

I 6 of these jars that I line up in 2 rows of 3 jars. 

My bottom shelf looks empty but it isn't. It's reserved space for leftover food and the milk utensil.

Now visually I have made a place for everything and have requested my help to try and ensure that whatever item is taken out from the fridge goes back in the designated space. I'm pleased with the result of my hard work. Hope it stays this way.



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