Sparty Time: Spa Theme Play Date

Its been a while since I organised a play date for Zayb. This weekend I got all crafty and decided to do something fun and special for her before the baby arrives. We planned a Sparty (spa party) for her and her friends.

It wasn't a paint your toe nails kind of a party. I was very careful that I don't introduce the kids to salon treatments before their age. In fact it was to teach them about personal heigene and how to look after yourself, especially clean yourself after a visit to the park.

The idea came to me because every time we would get home from the park Zaybs feet used to be all sandy and muddy. But she wouldn't let me clean them well. Just a rinse was what was allowed. However as she liked to soak her feet in warm water just like mama I started to introduce 'post park spa' where we would soak our feet and scrub the nails with an old tooth brush. This fun time together led me to the idea of teaching kids post park feet washing through a spa theme.

I staged a small spa set up with basic tools like loofah, toothbrush, cotton pads, face wipes etc. 

This was a facial kit. We cut off face masks from these face wipes and used the cotton pads for some refreshing eye packs. The courgette loofah was used for the sole scrubing.

These were the foot kits. The tooth brush for the nails. The loofah for the overall feet and glycerine soap from forest essential for gentle cleaning.

The napkins were used for hair bands and to wipe the feet. I also had kept toe plugs but we didn't end up using them.

These were toys for the kids play time. I was thrilled to get them in the same colour scheme.

I opened the play sets and put them in the vanity to make my spa look pretty.

This was the table decor with colour coordinated plates and cutlery. The craft from the table back drop was used as photo booth props.

The snacks were also based on the theme. These were Nail File waffle biscuits.

 And these were face mask pancakes.

Each young lady was allowed to choose a colour. Based on their selection, each was assigned a colour. They were assigned seats, plates, straws, photo booth props based on their selected colour.

We dipped the girls' feet in rose petal water while the mothers were seated across on a matching mini stool. Wr gave their nails, sole and feed a good scrub while they relaxed with a face wipes mask.

Later while we gave their feet a moisturising massage they relaxed with cool cotton pads.

 Then it was snack time. Here you can see them sipping on their summer cooler through a Lip straw.

Then it was play time. Having 3 sets of the same toy meant that there was no fighting.

And finally photo time. Little divas with their hair rollers.

Face masks and mirrors.

It was great fun organising and executing the play date. Hope you enjoyed seeing the pics.


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