Nesting Some More: Wardrobe Organising

While I was at my organising spree just before I left for the hospital I decided to tackle my elder ones wardrobe as well. 

No matter how much love and care I give this space it has a tendency to quickly go back to being messy and chaotic.

The wardrobe has 3 main section. One for hanging, one for folder and the other is a set of 3 drawers at the bottom. 

I hand her dresses and jackets in the hanging section. Her Ts and bottoms in the folded clothes section along with her bags and accessories. The bags are in the blue basket you can see behind the dolls. In the third section we have nicknacks organized in perfectly fitted plastics baskets.

Her winter wear gets stored in a clear plastic box to keep just away as I only use this when we travel.

I use this Esbeda vanity for her party clips and pins and her sunglasses.

This is the drawer with her diapers, napkins, swimwear, under pants, socks etc.

Though it keeps getting messy every other day, organising this space is a little easy because I already have a system. I just have to replicate it every time.

Hope you enjoyed watching her wardrobe as mush as I enjoyed putting it together .


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