My Secret to a Rash Free Baby Deriere

Hello people,
Today I’d like to share my secret for a rash free baby tooshie.  We have been used diapers for 3 years on my LO and she hasn’t had a diaper rash once. Not once. I swear. So there are a couple of reasons for that apart from the quality and absorption ability of the diapers.
·         First off I used to smear a little (very little) organic coconut oil on her derriere once a day.  My LO being a girl child I had to be extra careful with this step.
·         I completely avoided any diaper rash cream or talcum powder as it was always very difficult to wipe off, which means extra rubbing and scrubbing her delicate skin.
·         I always bought a size larger than required. This meant that my diaper cost was always more than what it should have been, but the choice between saving a few bucks over a rash free tooshie was an easy one for me. Also we buy online from Amazon and get good deals every now and then which takes care of the increased cost.  A larger diaper means that if ever that diaper becomes too moist and heavy it still doesn’t stick to the child’s body giving the child a rash. This was very key as we travelled with my LO a lot and changing diapers frequently wasn’t always possible. But even during those times as we selected a larger diaper my LO never developed a rash.
·         Frequent changing of diapers is also very essential.
·         Finally at the end of the day I would give her a warm bath while making sure I give her a good warm rinse around the diaper area to make sure that hygiene isn’t compromised on.
I have been using Pampers on my baby ever since we got home from the hospital. In the hospital the nursing staff had used another very popular brand. However when we came home our first diaper pack that we ordered was of Pampers and I haven’t changed my choice ever since. And honestly I can’t tell you how happy I am to have decided to go with this brand. I used cloth diapers during the day after the first year. But I couldn’t do without Pampers at night and when we travelled. When compared to other brands I feel like the absorption ability of Pampers has been the best. Moreover on occasional use of certain diapers when Pampers was out of stock etc. I noticed that there used to be gel globules around by child’s tooshie in just couple of hours, which I felt was very dangerous given the chemicals that go into making these diapers. I haven’t noticed this even once in a Pampers diaper. Now my days are diaper free and I am potty training for the nights. But given that I will have to restart in 20 days my first and only choice for diapers will be Pampers.
This is not a paid post. I genuinely am a happy mother who believes in this product and thus supporting it. #SoftestForBabySkin


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