Can't help nesting!!!!

II'm in my last month of pregnancy and look and feel like a zorbing ball. Though I barely have any flexibility with my movements I find myself cleaning cupboards, washing baby clothes, rearranging stuff around the house. I wake up in the middle of the night to organize the baby cupboard or sew baby clothes and toys. 

With just a few minutes of sleep at night, a three year old and a full time job this urge to organize and clean hasn't been very kind on my body. 

Even though it's tiring emotionally it is very rewarding. As per research every species goes through this which is called the nesting syndrome where they prepare for the coming of the baby by feathering the nest. So I'm not psychotic about organizing....I'm just nesting ...ok.

I organised my side table drawer for the babies diapering essentials and swaddles. I use baskets to make the diaper pads more containable. Other than that not much innovation. Just a simple, easy to access diaper drawer for the 100 and more diaper changes during the day.....oh how I look forward to it..........


  1. Halo,congratulations. May Allah make it easy for you.
    From where did you get those cloth nappies.. Which brand are they.
    Also ,read your post on clothes organisation.. Where is the drawer closet from please

  2. Thanks so much. I got the cloth nappies from Crawford market and the drawers were from there too


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