Spice Loving: Spice Drawer Organizing Yet Again

I am in love all over again.... With my spice drawer...

I finally have the ideal solution for my spice drawer. These transparent containers with pretty metallic lids not only are super functional but also look amazing. I get all giddy with happiness every time I pull out a spice container when cooking. They are easy to clean and no labeling is required. What more could I ask for. 

My first spice solution was using these steel containers with picture labels. But the labels would need replacement very often. 

So I went on to painting the containers with unique patterns so that I could identify the contents by the patterns. Though this looked very pretty and worked well for me, others using the spices would struggle to memories the patterns and use them to identify the contents. These pretty containers served me well until I found my perfect solution in these transparent, glass, easy to clean, easy to use, pretty pretty containers.


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