Mini Project: Hair Accessory Organising

Hey happy long and extended weekend.... Hope everyone is having a great time.

I have used my weekend getting mini organizing projects done around the house and spending some real good quality time with family.

Today I managed to clean out and organize my daughter's hair accessories. It sounds like a small project but those who have daughters will know that it is not. Accessories keep multiplying, one of the pairs can't be found, some break in the storage boxes, etc. I had a problem of excess. I was never able to find the right colour accessory when going out. Sometimes I wouldn't find the other pair. Even though we had a lot of stuff she always went out with black clips and rubber bands. Reason being the blacks were kept in a separate drawer and more easy to access. 

Cleaning out and organizing is the only solution to finding the right hair accessories and using them well. Also making them more accessible is also key to the organising process.

So here is what I did. First things first. I donated all accessories that were difficult to use, hadn't been worn in a while, single pieces of pairs etc. 

This left me with 1/3 of what we had earlier. Declutteting always makes the best first step in an organizing project.

Then I categorised the accessories into buckets. Colored hair ties, small bands, hair bands, tic-tac clips and butterfly clips.

I used these pretty pretty cherrytin containers to store them. I put the black hair bands and clips for school in one of the dresser drawers and in the other I placed the combs. I used a wicker basket for the hair brushes and plastic hair bands.

Usually I would want to label my tins but because I have them in different colors labelling isn't required. I have two green tins but one has hair ties and one has butterfly clips. I can easily know which tin carries the clips by shaking it a bit. The one that rattles is the clip tin. Easy peasy.


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