Lazy Mummy DIY Maze Activity for Kids

Each evening I rush home to spend quality time with my daughter. On my way home I am making plans in my head on the activities we could do, like kick kick (toddler football), racing, baking, color making etc. But as soon as I reach home lethargy hits me like an invisible bullet. I have no energy left to do anything other than feeding her dinner, washing her up and putting her to sleep.

A few days ago I called from office and asked her if she wanted to do some fun activities in the evening. She said ‘ aap toh baithe rehte ho’ (you just keep sitting around after returning from work).  That was an O – O moment for me. I felt so guilty for not spending quality time with her, but at the same time I am cognizant of the fact that I will continue to have lower energy levels during the rest of my pregnancy. So instead of fighting the urge to ‘sit around’ and rest I decided to do some research on fun activities that can be done solo by the kids while the parent just ‘sits around’. I found this great maze idea on the net and implemented it the same evening. It involved creating a maze with criss cross ribbons and asking the child to move through specific compartments without touching the ribbons. I kept adding ribbons after each successful passing to make the maze more interesting.

It was a great activity which stimulated her mentally as well as physically. She enjoyed it even more because she was able to convince me to participate. Which meant that I didn’t get to ‘sit around’ after all. She particularly enjoyed it as I was not even able to pass through the largest compartments with my bump. I had a great time watching her laugh and giggle. We shared hugs and kisses and meal time was fairly easy that night too.
Do let me know if you have any other interesting ' sit around' activities like this.


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