Christmas Living Room

Welcome to my Christmasy living room tour.
I grew up in Bandra, a suburb in Mumbai. All my growing up years I really waited for the Christmas season to begin. I waited for the Christmas trees to be put up, the lights, the star lantern and the window display At Damian.
Today I yearn to experience the same holiday spirit, yearn for the lights, the sound of carols being played in homes and the homemade sweets. May be its just me but I feel like families these days are not able to celebrate Christmas with the same enthusiasm as it was done 20 years ago (psss...hope this doesn't give away my age) due to an ever increasing busy and stressful lifestyle.

So this year I decided to bring some Christmas into my home instead. Last month I decorated my living room in the Colours of Christmas and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. And here I am sharing it with you.

Thanks for visiting!


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