Darling Zayb,


I wrote this for Baba years ago. Today I feel like sharing this with you. I want to explain to you what I mean by this passage.


My Sunshine


One sunny morning I found myself standing face to face with the Sun. I quickly turned away, scared that it would scald me. I walked away, my back towards the Sun.

I looked down while I was walking away to find my shadow staring at me. I wanted to hold it. Had always wanted to hold it. I reached out for it, but it kept moving away. I jumped, I skipped, I ran, I fell, I cried. But in vain. I could not hold my own shadow. 

Disappointed, I turned towards the Sun, My Sun. Walked towards it. With each step I took, my inhibitions diminished. I began to experience what the Sun truly brings, SUNSHINE.

Dedicated to my SUN, my family..


Sun in the above passage is a symbol for one’s ‘bright future’. We usually are afraid of what is yet to come and try and hold on to the past. The past in the passage is symbolized by ‘flickering shadows’ That one can never hold on to or relive. In your journey of life if you keep looking into the past all you will find yourself doing is chasing shadows. I did the same for a while before I met Baba. Have faith in your future and Never be afraid to face it, remember this passage and let it remind you that the future will only bring brightness. Every time you find yourself facing your shadow, remember what it really is; a SHADOW. You can never hold it so don't even try. Just like your past, it is meant to walk behind you. When you see your shadow ahead of you it only means that the light is behind you. All you need to do is turn around.

Lots of love,



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