Spicing it up!!! Spice tin makeover

Hello All,

I'm so happy to share this makeover project. I love the outcome and my kitchen loves it even more.

I hand painted my boring steel spice boxes into these beauties. 

I used an image I found on Pinterest as inspiration.

Earlier I used to label the tins in order to be able to pick the right one. Now, as each one is unique I don't need labels anymore and can just remember the hats spice is in which tin through the colors and designs.



  1. What paint did you use on the steel? Your tins look lovely. However I'm interested in the paint coz I'm wondering if they wash well?

  2. Hi Ruby, apologies for the late reply. I some how missed this comment. Very sorry. I used acrylic paints they don't come out easily if washed with sponge.


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