My Little Mermaid Turns Three

We celebrated Zayb's 3rd Birthday with a bright and pretty 'Under the Sea' theme. this was a great way to teach her sea animals and little about what goes on under the sea.

I created a Photo booth with my Dadajaan's antique money chest, some junk jewelry, sea animals, coral, balloon octopus, gold artifacts etc.

The birthday invite was made using play doh. I made a platter of sea theme objects and animals and laid them around the plate. Then I used a picture editor app to write the invite on the picture of the plate.

The pin up board of my home office which was used as the buffet table was decorated with sea animal craft which was made with glitter card stock.


The return gifts for the girls were homemade mermaid sacks that can be used as lounge blankets. For the boys I gave out fishing sets.

My beautiful mer-people lounging about.

For the games I did an eco friendly game where I placed sea animals and trash in one bowl. I placed a utensil of water to symbolize the sea and a bowl to symbolize a dustbin. Then I asked the kids to put the animals where they belong and the trash where it belongs

We also played  bowling with 'Fish' pins

and finally a real fishing game...clearly Mama enjoyed this one the most.


The kids also dances to fish theme nursery rhymes. This was enjoyed by them the most.

No prizes for guessing that the cake was also decorated around the sea theme.


For the snacks I made these almond butter filled croissants

Dolphin Bananas

Peal Chivda which was actually Sabudana Chivda

Octopus Lollypops

Sea Shell shaped pasta

I was very glad with myself after the party as Zayb and her friends had a blast. I really enjoyed putting this party together for my little one. I hope you enjoyed reading the post too.


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