Homemade Diwali Presents

 MHello lovely people,

Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate the time you spend on reading my posts and commenting on FB. It keeps me going.

Recently my health has been a bother and feel tired and miserable all the time. The only thing the peps me up a bit is some homemade spa therapy. So I decided to share it with the people I love the most.

I made 3 spa products, a scrub, a cleanser and a pack.

Lemon and bergamot scrub:
Sugar, lemon juice, bergamot oil

Angels on Barr skin cleanser: this is my version of Lush's cleanser by the same name.
Almonds, kaolin clay, fennel seeds, grape seed oil, lavender oil and rose petals.

Orange peel powder, rose petal powder, turmeric powder and rose petals 

I painted the lids of some old baby food jars and filled them with the products. Then I made some labels for the products with pretty craft paper. And voila my economical yet pretty and very useful Diwali gift is ready.

Hope you enjoyed this post.



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