Don't let God come in the way of Humanity

Darling Zayb,

I read this article on Huffington post on how a Sardar gentleman removed his Turban to help rest the head of an injured child.

His act of kindness which was called the 'true meaning of religion' by the press inspired me to write this letter to you.

Religion is an organized set of believes, cultures, knowledge that sometimes is a common ground between a few people and an uncommon one between others. Religion in my view is entirely social. There is nothing divine about religion. Some people may proclaim me  to be blasphemous. But I disagree. Religion is not to be mixed with faith and never with spirituality. These are independent but not necessarily mutually exclusive expressions. But definitely not entirely overlapping. By this I mean one can be spiritual and not religious and vice versa.

Don’t let religion come in the way of how you perceive, interact, love people around you. Don’t let religious leaders tell you that someone with an alternate set of beliefs or sexuality will be a permanent resident of hell, or that people of certain faiths should never be your friends. Don’t let them make you a bigot who judges people based on gender, sexual orientation, ancestry etc. if God preferred a people over others he would just send that one race to the world.

Remember religion and politics have been sides of the same coin since the beginning of time. Don’t let yourself be politically manipulated. You will understand what I am saying much better when we discuss history of the world when you grow up.


Your Spiritually,



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