Pinnaple Custard Pie mouth waters even while sharing this recipe.

I've served versions and versions of my various custard pies at my many daawats and it has never failed me. It always brings me loads of compliments from very happy guests. I learned this version from my sister in law and have twisted the recipe to create many variations.


Pineapple slice cake
Vanilla custard powder
Vanilla whipped cream
Tinned pianeapple

Start with layering the pineapple slice cake in the serving dish and generously drizzle some syrup from the pineapple tin.

Then pour some already thick custard over it. You can make the custard by boiling the milk and adding a few tablespoons of dissolved custard powder. You can find the recipe on the Internet if you haven't done this before.

Then layer the pineapples 

Whip some cream with vanilla and sugar and pour over the pineapple layer

Layer another layer of the pineapple and that's it. It's done. 

Serve cold. Enjoy.

Eid Mubarak to one and all.


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