Mama called the doctor and the doctor said.....Zayb's doctor play date

I have been planning a doctor paly date for a while and hosted one on a whim because I was to leave on a business trip soon. I decided to do something fun for her before I left to reduce the 'working mum guilt'

Here is her invite that I made with some card stock and quilling.

This was the table layout

cashews to teach them what kidneys look like and walnuts to teach them brain, gems as pills, pikwik as bandaid, marshmallows as cotton balls and roohafza as shots.

This was the craft center with materials for the x-ray craft and the surgeons light

My happy surgeons with the headlights.

X-Ray craft with ear buds.

Plastering the fracture with toilet roll.

Happy monkeys jumping to the doctor rhymes.



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