Don't Ever Let Go!!!!

I am not sure if you would have had the chance to fly a kite by the time you read this email... Baba and I have wanted to take you kite flying... But you are just two and perhaps too small to experience the game sport yet.
I myself do not know how to fly a kite well. I can barely keep it afloat for a few minutes after some kite flying  expert has launched it well into the sky for me. Prafulla uncle had once launched a kite for me at Balaji farms that I manoeuvred for a bit.....the kite flew high...higher....I held on tight.... I feared I would fly away with it...."leave it loose...leave it loose" screamed Prafulla uncle....I said "no....I'll loose it" ...."no" he said "it will fly higher".  And sure enough it did....I let it go for a soared...then it started to dive down....I was confused...Prafulla uncle said " hold it tight and tug at it" I followed instructions...the kite made some spiralling movements like it was resisting tug .. The string was cutting into my hand ... I winced in pain and let go.... Uncle quickly jumped in... Picked it up from where I left... Tugged at the string and the kite soared again.... I saw the flying kite and looked at uncle with envy wishing that I hadn't let go so soon...
The more I think about that day the more I think kite flying mirrors life...sometimes the kite will fly high..effortlessly.... Sometimes it will come down spiralling at high speed even when you try hard to keep it afloat... Sometimes you have to hold on tight and sometime you I have to hold it loosely...on times the string will cut into your hand and you may be in pain....but hold on.... Don't let go Zayb.... The wind will change in your favour once again.



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