Clutter Unclutter The Fridge - by Mahrukh

Hi Folks,

Today I am over the moon excited to share a post from my school friend Mahrukh.

Mahrukh is a busy working professional who is passionate about life and home. She is super organized and meticulous in everything she does.

She recently sent me a message with pictures from her fridge. It was super super organized. Her fridge was always very organized but she started to use the colored baskets suggested in my earlier post from the fridge organizing poste here and here. I requested her to share how the system works for her and she very kindly agreed and took the time to share it with us below.

Clutter Unclutter – In The Fridge

The bigger the size of the refrigerator the better organized it is. This is a myth.

Now, if I decide to make a quick sandwich or a healthy salad, it would mean bringing all the items out and then stacking them back. The other thing I realized is that I tend to forget things stored safe in the corner of my fridge and find it only after it has expired.

The good thing is that I know I’m not alone. There are countless of women and men who have this as part of their daily struggle. The last thing we all want to come back to after a long day at work is a disorganized fridge.

Here’s a simple solution. Buy organisers. They come in various colours, are mostly plastic and are available at all your go-to stores at reasonable prices. I bought 5 of them and the result was amazing. I segregated my things according to use and then placed them in each organizer. I picked them in 5 different colours only to make my storage more vibrant and easy to spot.

I used the small pink one to stack up on all my food flavours and colours. The green one has all my dairy items and the red one stores my home made chutneys. The one in orange has my salad dressings and the white has all the tall sauce bottles. Here, take a look!

Now, my fridge looks like this. Clean, neat and organized.

Unclutter your home. It will make you unclutter your life!


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