Ramadan (ramzan) Recipe Box

Every year I make a ramzan menu which consists of one main, one salad (if not, then another main) one dessert and one drink. I stick the menu on the fridge which helps guide my choices of recipes. I have to follow my planned menu if I want to stay stress free during ramzan. 

This year I decided to try something different and fun. Instead of making a menu I decided to make a recipe box. I used this ornate box from Tresorie and devided the recipes using tabs for main, dessert, drinks and salad. I place appropriate recipe cards between the tabs. I used some card stock and stickers to make it cute and pretty.

I have decided to randomly pull cards from each tab and put together a menu for Iftar. I'll do this one day prior for each Iftar so that it gives me enough time to plan for the next day. Something fun instead of the boring and organised menu planning. I'm challenging myself to stay relaxed even with something as impromptu as this. 


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