Learning Vegetables at the Mall


I do a lot of learning activities with Zayb at home. A few of them revolved around vegetables and fruits.

We did vegetable craft, vegetable, cutting, putting vegetables and fruits in the category basket etc. Taking Zayb to the mall to pick and shop our groceries was an extension of the vegetable learning exercise.

We went on a Sunday afternoon and spent an hour walking around the vegetable aisle. I asked her what vegetable she wanted to eat during the week, then we picked the ones she had named. Every time she went to the right tray we clapped hands and celebrated our small wins. it was great fun.

Having her own trolley also made the experience more fun for her. She felt independent and in charge. She would pick the vegetable from the tray and put it in her trolley first and then transfer it to mine.

Afternoon well spent. She got a chance to revise her vegetables and I got some helping hand with the picking and weighing etc. It was a great experience.



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