Zayb's Reading Corner

I have been trying to encourage Zayb to take up reading. She isn't naturally inclined to picking up a book and flipping through the illustrations like some other kids. I read at night to teach her by example. But while I read she likes to YouTube. She holds her IPad out and says " yeh mera book hai"

I decided to create a reading corner to encourage her pick up a book and spend some 'Me Time' with it. I wanted the space to be welcoming, colorful, comfortable and easy to access. This seating in my balcony was apt for this purpose. This is right above her toy cupboard. She visits this space a couple of times a day anyways and can climb on the bench easily.

I covered the seating with her soft blanket, put out some cushions, hung her name bunting and most importantly kept some of her favorite books out in a basket. So far this has worked. She visits the space to organize her books twice a day if not for reading.

Picture taken in the afternoon

Picture taken just before twilight


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