Ramadan Favor Box

Ramadan is just around the corner and I am in full gear preparing for the start of the blessed month.  I'm organizng my recipes, preparing the shopping list, making list of favors etc.

From last few years experience I learnt that preparing my favor packaging in advance is always a good idea. This year I made these boxes out of card stock.

I had a souvenir box which was in the shape of a cube. I opened it up and traced it on card stock. 

Then I cut out the shape. I used gold Washi tape and gold corogated paper for the door.

I used the flap to write my Ramadan Mubarak message with a gold Sharpie pen.

Voila my sample favor box is ready. Can't wait make all and fill them with dates, sherbet, China grass and a bookmark. This is my first sample the final box will be a bit more detailed.



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