Immunity and Health Boosting Laddoos

I have been making these very yummy and healthy laddoos for Zayb for a while now and am finally sharing the recipe on the blog by popular demand. I have shared this recipe with many mothers with young kids who have tried it and continue to make this for their kids. 

I have heard from my mother and other elders in the family that these laddoos help build better immunity and are great for bone development, back pain, joint health. I have also noticed that this has helped Zayb's skin, hair and over all health.

Cashews 100gms
Almonds 100gms
Walnuts 100gms
Pistachios 100gms
Watermelon seeds 100gms
Dried Dates 100gms
Lotus seeds 100gms
Water chestnut flour 100gms
Bajri Jowar flour 100gms
Gaund 100gms
Jaggery (to taste)

Saute each ingredient at a time in pure ghee (except the jaggery) and set aside. Grind all ingredients to a powder one at a time. Mix it altogether while the powdered ingredients are warm. Shape them into small laddoos and store in an air tight container. The laddoo can also be crushed and brought to a boil with some milk to make a porridge.

Enjoy a yummy, healthy but calorific snack.



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