Kitchen Organizing: Oil Cans

I once was told by a dietician that oil doesn't add flavour to food and hence is not required for tasty cooking.

I believed her then. But not anymore especially with all my flavoured oils that lend an additional dimension to my recipes.

I have regular oil, olive oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, garlic oil and pepper oil. I use the regular one for all my daily cooking, Olive for Italian and Mediterranean, Sesame for Chinese, Garlic and Pepper oils for certain recipes.

I keep all my oils in the door of the cabinet right below my stove. This makes it easy to grab and put back as and when needed. I need to put back the bottles as soon as I have finished using especially because I have a very small counter.

I Have 2 large oil cans for regular and olive oil. I put the olive oil in the amber colored can. This makes it easy to pick when needed.

The sesame and mustard oils are in the dark green bottles and my homemade flavoured oils in the centre bottles.

I have lined the rack with ceramic tiles so that the oily grime can be easily washed of the coasters which is difficult with regular liners. Plus it adds some color to the otherwise dull cabinet.



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