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Summers are here!!!!!!! Its been very warm for a while.. but it feels like summers have started today because it was Zayb's last day of school.. yay!!! yay!!!!.......

This month me and my friends will share some yummy, refreshing summer recipes. Here's a first from Shweta from The Weekend List where she serves absolutely awesome recipes. Do visit her blog on your way out...

I heard about Zeffira long before I met her..our common friend Sneha couldn't stop raving about how insanely organized she was. I visited her office when she wasn't there and I could see signs of it on her desk...everything clearly labeled, neatly kept!
Then I met her and was bowled over by her enthusiasm for everything. So when she started her blog I was the first one to get hooked!
She manages so many things and yet there's a regular blog post with smart ideas for me to look forward to...I was inspired by Zef to start my blog, I figured if such a busy working mom can do it so can I..and for that I thank you Zef!
I'm very very honoured to do a guest post for her lovely blog! Here goes my simple summer salad with a Bengali twist in the dressing

Between us, let’s not pretend that we love healthy salads and it makes us feel so fantastic and clean eating is the best thing that ever happened to mankind.
Let’s admit that secretly we would give our left (and right) arms to drown and suffocate happily in a tub of french fries (with extra salt)
Now since that’s never going to happen I am proud to say my mother has discovered a way to make salads sexy with a finger lickin’ dressing! And it’s ridiculously easy to make! No horrible preservative and vinegar filled (vinegar is miserable for the skin and stomach) store bought dressings !
Here are the ingredients to make the dressing:
Kasundi (Bengali Mustard Sauce...available freely all over now in any decent grocery case of unavailability replace ( and I say this grudgingly as nothing can replace kasundi...replace with dijon mustard)
Juice of one lime (this is case of a LARGE salad )
Extra Virgin Olive oil (fabulous for skin when consumed raw in salad )
Sugar ( that’s what’s makes it finger lickin' good)
Mix all the ingredients (lots of kasundi, a big glug of olive oil, a tablespoon of sugar, lime juice – whisk with a spoon and keep tasting till you get the flavor that suits you)
Keep this mix aside, give the sugar time to melt in, we don’t want any crunchy bits!


Here's what I recommend for the salad, but you can use your own ingredients!
Iceberg lettuce, green apples, baby tomatoes or regular tomatoes without the inside pulp,cucumber,spring onion bulbs and greens,carrots,capsicum,maybe some pomegranate…just add what you wish…I suggest cutting them into long thin slices and putting them in the fridge to get nice and cold and crunchy!
Then just before serving the salad, mix in the dressing! Voila….yummy salad ready…..almost as fun as french fries ( I lie – french fries is the king of food)


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