Refrigerator Organizing

I received a few messages requesting me to share the rest of my refrigerator after I did a post on my freezer section here. I waited a while before I put up the post because I wanted to demonstrate how just by keeping my fridge organized I easily cut down on my cooking time by 10-15 minutes.

So here I am sharing the rest of my refrigerator. As you can see I love color!!!! A boring white fridge with white insides just isn't for me. I cant get my self to use the plain jane white acrylic fridge organizer. I need my colorful trays. But the down side is that every time I open the fridge I have Zayb rushing towards it, I think the colors attract her too. Just the other day I found a naked doll and bowling pins on a plate in the fridge. Perhaps she thinks this is an extension of her toy cabinet which you have seen here.

I keep all my spices and sauces in the door shelves where they are easy to find. Putting smaller bottles and containers into the main section is a recipe for disaster. The smaller containers can easily get lost in the chaos where they will silently wait for their expiry date to approach.

I use the trays to hold a category of food stuff. Like the white tray on the top shelf holds batter and cheese, while the one nest to it holds my essences and coloring. One of the yellow trays houses all my aromatics that I need for my daily cooking. So I pull out one tray and that's it. No more multiple trips to the fridge. The rest of the fridge is organized in trays on the same principle. Jams, syrups and peanut butter in one tray. Achars in another. So on and so forth.

My vegetable tray holds all my vegetable and other ingredients for each day of the week. I plan my menu and organize the ingredients such that I only have to pull out one bag and I am sorted. There was a post on this here.

Hence you can see that I try my best to minimize my trips to the fridge and hence am able to maximize on the limited time I have in he mornings and evenings to make healthy meals for my family.


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