Italian Bread and Cheese Salad

Chomp Chomp ...hmmmmm.....chomp....
Every time I look at this image on my phone I remember how I enjoyed this salad with my Chicken Pepper Basil.
This delicious side was even more appealing than the main course. Its refreshing, nutritious and pretty to look at. All boxes ticked and ready to share.
Stale bread
Paneer (just because I had some at home)
Fresh Basil Leaves
Red Onions
Balsamic Vinegar
Garlic Powder
Olive Oil
You must have noticed that I didn't add any quantities. I believe salads should be assembled based on your personal liking for particular ingredients. I used a lot of basil in my portion, while hubby thinks basil tastes like perfume hence he got a few torn leaves and Zayb thinks because Basil is green it is 'Tez' (Hot).
Anyways moving on. I heated some olive oil in a pan added the garlic powder, paneer cubes and sautéed them till they were crispy and brown. I did the same with bread cubes and tossed them together in a bowl with balsamic, sliced onions, basil, tomatoes, sugar, salt and olive oil.
I assure you the salad was simply divine. Enjoy it as a main course by adding some chicken directly to the salad. That's what I intend to do next time.
This is an image of the salad at step 2.


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