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Today I am super duper excited to introduce my beautiful friend Raina Goyal and her even more beautiful, pudding pie daughter Keesha. They are an awesome mother daughter duo. Raina is a hands on mum to her nearly 2 year old munchkin. She is a good natured, intelligent mother raising and equally intelligent child. She is as beautiful inside as she is pretty outside.

Raina has very kindly shared witrh us how she organises Keesha's clothes and other belongings.

Her article is in itallics and my comments in (brackets)

Raina Writes

Life is a miracle, or do miracles happen in life? This is something I've been questioning myself since the time I've had my daughter.

Hi, I'm Raina , a full time mother to my beautiful daughter Keesha. I enjoy each moment of the 'changes' motherhood brings in. Apart from being a mother , I enjoy writing and have this not so vocal ambition on writing a book one day.

I can't thank my super talented friend Zeffirra enough to have me write this post. She is so wonderfully involved in anything she does, that it give me as a reader of her blog a reason to try to implement things that she writes about. (My vanity wouldnt let me edit her compliments... Thanks so much Raina.. you are very kind)

Today , I gather courage to show you how I organise Keesha's area of the room. Organising being the highlight of Zeffirra's post I hope I don't let her readers down. (C'mon Raina you know thats not possible.. you are just too modest)

Firstly, Keesha's cupboards and toys are all jointly operated by her nanny and me. Thus, keeping it simple to use rather than pretty makes more sense to me.

Her clothes and shoes are divided in 4sections-

The Hung ones are the frocks that are party wear or formally used. On the left corner of this section are all matching undies to the frocks.complete outfit is easily ready in one go.

The second one are all the tshirts, home use or park use frocks, these are mostly cotton so these are kept out of keeshas reach , so she doesn't mess up the well ironed clothes

The third one has all the pants shorts pajamas and her night suits. Here, I've made two divisions front and back. The front stack of clothes the ones she wears without a daiper. I'm beginning to potty train her hence these are changed and washed more often.

The behind ones are the ones we use for park and general outings where a diaper is still needed.
I have to have them organized this way because her nanny would just use any outfit for any outing. This helps her understand easily.

Her shoes are stored in the fourth rack and with her socks all kept in a transparent kit which makes it easy for me to search matching colors.

All her undies are kept in a transparent  kit again so it's easy to explain to her nanny.

Girls have more stuff to organize, her clips and hairband are also in. Transparent kits, easy to choose from .

In my opinion , all mothers do more than what they can to keep life easy and tidy with a child around. I hope my little efforts are worthwhile.( They surely are)

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