Letter to Zayb: Life is an Apple!!!!!

Baba bought a dozen juicy apples last week.. We have been on  a diet, Baba and I. (Hopefully by the time you read my email the effects of my diet would have become visible… as of now my bulges love me and refuse to go anywhere)
Coming back to the apples. The first time I saw the apples it was night time, when Baba brought them home after work. As we were on the no dinner diet we didn’t eat any. The next morning I opened to fridge to pull out the milk and the juicy apples smiled at me. I was very tempted to pick one up and bite into it (after washing it of course). But I thought they would be even more delicious in a pie. I don’t have enough time in the mornings to do fancy cooking so I decided to do it in the evening. I came back from work a little later than usual that evening. Evening came and went while I was on official calls. (yes! I have work calls in the evenings L!!. I use the phone so much that sometimes I fear that I will grow earphones as a result of evolution). It was night again…..and like I told you I couldn’t eat after sunset because of my diet. Next day the apples began to shrivel a bit. I wanted to eat one as it is …. But I was too tired (read lazy) to wash, peel, cut so it sat yet another night in the cold dark fridge. The next day I woke up with resolve which was to consume at least one of the ‘once juicy but no so much now’ apple. I washed, peeled, sliced the apple that had by now become dry and brown in some places. I put one piece in my mouth and was disappointed as it wasn’t close to what I had expected it to be, or what it would have been 4 days ago when Baba brought it home. I felt angry with myself for not taking the trouble of eating/using it earlier. It may have well been as dry and distasteful on the first day itself but at least then I wouldn’t blame myself for letting it rot.
Beti, life to me is just like this apple, enjoy it at the right time…not before time and not after. Live in your present. Live it to the fullest.  If you eat the apple when it is made available to you, if you grab that moment you can enjoy a juicy nutritious fruit as it was meant to be enjoyed. If you dream of transforming it into a pie do it then. Don’t wait for the pie to magical be conjured. I have procrastinated on many occasions and have lost time and only gained regret. I do not want that for you. Obviously people should do things in their own time and that is only human. But the ones that make the present ‘their own time’ succeed in living a full life because they make every moment count. I do not want success, wealth, money, fame for you (but they are more than welcome when they come). But I hope and pray every single day of my life for happiness, peace, respect, friendships and love for you.
Lots of love, hugs, kisses, gudgullis,


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