The Cat That Was Meant To Be A Bear

My brother sent me these panda bear sandwich moulds from Canada. They looked adorable and I was sure that the sandwiches I made using them would be equally adorable. I was right!!!! I made adorable kitten sanwiches using these panda moulds. Somehow the bear never looked  like one. It looked like its great grandmother the panda married into the cat family....

However....Zayb loved what it looked like and was happy to devour anything that looked like the poor panda kitten after panda kitten I made...(till it excited Zayb no more)

I made these panda kitten peanut butter parathas and gave it a jam mouth and cheese eyes.

I see that these moulds are available in malls now and very easy to use. Get yourself one and give it a try. It's a fun yet easy food craft project



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