Berry Berry Strawberry Gummys

My daughter loves her calcium Gummys. I can make her do just about anything with a promise of a few of her favourite Gummys as reward. ( yes! I bribe my child! Please don't judge me)

As you could imagine I ran out of Gummys with the constant bribing and had to make a homemade batch till the new batch becomes available at the drugstore.

I used strawberry pulp with agar agar. I ground the strawberry with some sugar and kept it aside. Then I took 3 tbl spns of agar agar and heated it with 1/2 cup water. Finally mixed the agar agar water with the pulp and poured the mixture into moulds. You could use any fruit. There is no set recipe for this. Quantity of agar agar may depend on the type of fruit pulp you use. So it's a bit of a trial and error kind of method.


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