Kids Activities: Teaching Traffic Rules

Oh my little hawaldar taught me some basic traffic rule. 

Red: stop
Yellow: wait
Green: go

We had a great time playing hawaldar hawaldar and learning traffic rules.

The playtime would not be much fun without a uniform and so I made one with  some waste paper and old greeting cards. The shirt and trouser were already part of her wardrobe.

I made the shoulder badge with new year greeting cards and taped a safety pin on the reverse that was used to pin the badge on the shirt.

I used the origami army cap technique to make the cap.

The moustache was something she brought home from school one day.

Voila my hawaldar was ready.

I also made some dosa tragic light dosas by mixing in some beet for the red, methi for the green and half I for yellow to the Dosa batter.

I screwed the colors in the wrong order an only realised once we started to play. 

It was a fun afternoon play date with Mamma and Nanajaan ...hope you enjoyed reading this post too.


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