Beet and Maggi Kebabs

Hello Ladies,
Happy Monday!!!
Hope you guys had a great long weekend...
Today I will be sharing the recipe of this kebab that is very creamy, cheesy, has the goodness of beet and the yummy flavour of Maggi!!!!! Yipppeee
Maggi Masala Noodles - 1 pkt
Grated Cheese - 1 small bowl
Grated Beet - 1 pc
Chopped Onion - 1 small

Start by adding some olive oil to the pan. Sautee the chopped onions and grated beet for a few minutes. Add the Maggi, Maggi Masala and the Cheese alongwith enough water to cook the Maggi.

Once the Maggi is cooked and you have a creamy, mushy consistency, spread the noodle mix onto a baking tray and freeze for an hour of two.

Once the entire mixture is frozen cut retangular pieces. Coat them in bread crumbs and then roll in beaten egg and fry.....enjoy.....great for Ramzan....



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