Minion Birthday Party

 It was my little girl's 2nd Birthday last week. I cant believe how time flies. I wish a year had 1000 days instead of 365. I wish i had more of her first 2 years. But it is what it is....

Ever since Zayb was 6 months old she was hooked on to the Minions (thanks to Aunty Maneesha). She looooovvveeddddd the Banana Song. She called the minions BATETI. She loves them soo much that she was OK with me going to US on a business trip for 8 days because I promised to bring her back a minion. (Yeah...bribery.....can you believe it)... anyways.. the point is that I didn't have to think too hard for a theme.... it had to be a Minion Party....

This was we invite we sent on whatsap

The part supplies were mostly diys.. I made the minion glasses, minion plates, minion drink bottles, evil minion decorations by myself with a lot of help from my awesome cousin Insiya..

I set up my home office table as the party corner..

Welcome bands and welcome chocolates

Return gift bag !!!! yippies

Yummie cheese and fruit strip sandwiches....and smiley meets minion home baked cake (baked by super Insiya)..

My mum made awesome chocolate and black forest cakes too... but I don't have picks of those.:(

The party was a lot of fun with my sister playing CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer). We had a blast.. Hope you enjoyed the post.



  1. Oh how wonderful post on Minion Party. My kiddos just love minion themed parties. So last year I hosted a grand Minion holiday party at their favorite venues in Chicago. It was truly amazing and fun party. Everyone enjoyed there a lot!


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