School Time: Organizing Outfits and Accessories

I am blessed with a beautiful daughter and I love to dress her up. I have a lot of fun buying and put together her outfits. But surprisingly the fact that she doesn't have a uniform for preschool  (about to start term next week) is stressing me out. Also the fact that I am not very good doing her hair is adding to the stress. 

Moreover mornings for me are anyways a busy time and I'd fair very badly if I'd have to add 5-10 minutes to my routine trying to put an outfit together for Zayb and organize her hair accessories apart from bathing, brushing her teeth, cooking ...............etc.

So I have but together her outfits for 2 school weeks and have hung a small pouch on the hanger to ensure I have a PAIR (very difficult with young girls who always manage to lose one clip of a pair) of hair clips/bands easily accessible in the mornings.

What do you do to save time on school mornings.??? Do let me know.



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